Asbury Park Treasure!

 This is from La Placa Pottery works. This is now the only vessel I shall ever drink from.
This is an old Santana album melted into a bowl. Yes, its black magic woman, and yes I grabbed it without knowing it was my soulmate. They don't have a website, but its located in the convention hall.

Best Coffee: www.twistedtreecafe.com I will also kill you for their banana muffins.
Best bar: Cubacan
Best food: The jury is still out on that.
Best Vintage Store: Alan & Suzi
 BEST: Thursday night movies on the beach!

Raw Cacao Pie, an easy recipe!

 The finished product!
for the filling -
4 bananas
hanful of blueberries for color
1/2 cup coconut milk
1 heaping tablespoon of raw cacao powder
one tablespoon chia seeds
about 10 strawberries sliced
coconut flakes

for the crust-
1/2 cup soaked almonds
1/2 cup soaked walnuts
1/4 cup coconut oil
4 dates
1 heaping tablespoon of honey

 blend bananas, blueberries, cacao, chia seeds, slowly adding coconut milk as you go. chill in fridge.
 after soaking nuts for atleast 30 mins, food process those suckers with the honey, coconut oil, and dates. its doesn't need to be smooth, just moldable.
 line pie tin with foil, and press in crust. pour in chilled filling and top with coconut flakes and strawberries. you can chill it in the freezer, or dehydrate in the oven on 110 for an hour or so to soak up the excess moisture. chill for a few hours.
or, fuck the crust, and just eat the pudding. :D


outfit of the day

l.a. biddies

in season cookin

 blend basil, 1/2 cup olive oil.
 add tomatoes and 3 garlic cloves.
 boil water  & throw sketti in.
 add blended sauce, 1 cup water, and cubed eggplant.
 cook on medium heat for about 25 mins.
throw feta cheese on top & NOM.